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» Egg Washing

Bambino is the smallest egg washer suitable for processing from 200 - 2,000 eggs per hour. The eggs are manually placed into the input conveyor for cleaning and processed at conveyor speed through the spray chamber using CHLORWASH / defoamer at 45°C. The BAMBINO range has three models and a wide range of options to increase the control and automation of your egg washing or egg cleaning process.


Our mid-sized egg washing machine is called the Sideliner.
There are seven versions of this flexible machine capable of washing from 2,000 - 56,000 eggs per hour.

WASH - RINSE - DRY (all or selected eggs) Ideal for Egg Packing Rooms, new projects or introduction into existing facilities.


The natural choice for the larger producers demanding ultimate egg presentation quality. The GLADIATOR is our largest egg washer capable of processing very large volumes of commercial / table eggs.
Ideal for Egg Packing Rooms.
WASH - RINSE - DRY (ALL or Selected EGGS)
CLEAN TABLE EGGS 80,000 to 120,000 eggs/hour on roller conveyor
The GLADIATOR is designed to ensure that eggs are cleaned without any damage to the natural egg structure to minimise microbial counts and surface contamination. Designed for in-line use between the gathering belt and the grader / packer.

  • 4000 control system
  • Auto Fill (Wash Tank)
  • Accumulator to feed eggs from gathering belt to GLADIATOR.
  • Drying system.
  • Variable speed conveyor with a maximum speed of 4.25 M/minute (flexible to suit your daily requirements)
  • Fume extraction canopy.

Gladiator 18 - up to 86,400 eggs / 240 cases an hour
Gladiator 21 - up to 120,600 eggs / 335 cases an hour






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