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» Breeder (Hatching) Egg Sanitation

Cleaning and Sanitation Equipments
Two stage Machine clean and sanitise breeder eggs on clients trays OR to clean commercial eggs on clients trays A very cost-effective system capable of providing maximum bio-security for breeder eggs and treating the tray in one operation.

For use on breeder sites and also in the smaller hatchery for secondary sanitation (processing from 4,000 to 16 000 eggs per hour)...Click here for further information.



Egg Deeping Vacuum Tank

Designed to introduce antibiotic and other solutions into hatching eggs in order to control a wide range of vertically transmittable diseases.

Manufactured to client production specifications

Standard Features:

Designed and manufactured in stainless steel to ensure ease of cleaning.
Reliable electronic system to control and monitor vacuum and processing time.
In production filtration system. Click here for further information.

Ultrasonic Fumigation Machine
DRYSAN RANGE now offers even greater range of applications with the main machine structure in Stainless Steel, allowing a range of applications in specific hygiene control environments. MST DRYSAN generates a fine ‘DRY’ ultrasonic particle reaching and disinfecting ALL contact surfaces within enclosed control areas.

Drysan Usage:
- Egg holding rooms for the sanitation of breeder eggs (The practice of fumigation is becoming more restrictive as international regulating authorities worldwide are prohibiting its usage)
- Areas of bio-security concern that treats both product and contact surfaces with the appropriate chemicals
- Humidity control for ‘fine’ dry application...
Click here for further information.


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