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  Promax Gel Hand Disinfectant is in the form of a gel, and thanks to its superior formulation, it quickly eliminates viruses and bacteria on the hand and skin and provides hygiene.

Composition: Ethyl Alcohol 65% w/w

Auxiliary substances: Complemented to 100% with pH regulator, thickener, suspending agent, softening, preservative and solvent.
The amount of Ethyl alcohol in the PROMAX GEL composition is not by volume (65%) but by weight (w/w). The alcohol amount of the PROMAX GEL higher than the products with volume not by weight. Its disinfection effect is higher than the others.

1. Provides rapid action against enveloped viruses and bacteria such as Influenza and SARS CoV-2
2. It maintains the moisture balance, does not dry the skin.
3. Monopropylene glycol was used for softening. Monopropylene glycol has a disinfecting effect of equal strength with ethanol and stops the growth of microorganisms in the solution.
4. Does not contain fragrances and dyes (essence and dye may cause allergic skin reactions).
5. It does not contain glycerin and lanolin (excessive use of glycerin may cause skin clogging. Lanolin can cause allergic reactions).
6. It is in the form of a thin gel and does not leave a sticky feeling, it dries quickly.
7. Ethyl alcohol produced from sugar beet, sugar cane, corn etc. is not used. Alcohols made from food products leave a different odor and hand sanitizers made with these alcohols require the use of essences.
8.Easy of use and contact with more surfaces is provided thanks to its gel form.
9. It can be used easily in the hands of adults and children.

Method of Application:
Promax Gel Hand Disinfectant is ready to use and is applied directly to the hands and skin surface by spraying and rubbing.

Promax Gel Hand Disinfectant is alcohol-based and needs to be spread quickly on the hands and skin as it evaporates in a very short time. There is no need to rinse after application.
2-3 ml of product taken in the palm should be spread by rubbing in a way that it makes contact with the palm, between fingers, outer surface of the hand and wrists. Pay special attention to fingertips and thumbs.
It is recommended to clean hands before using the hand disinfectant as it will increase the disinfection effect.

Presentations: 100 ml, 1 liter and 5 liter.

Promax Gel Hand Disinfectant has a type 1 certificate for biocidal products from the Ministry of Health.

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