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The Easy Way of Bucket Feeding

You are expected at a meeting every morning, every evening... by your calves!
It may be the most critical meeting you attend on your farm, as it is the one where you lay the foundations for the future success of your business.
Are you one of those who are really busy during calf feeding hours because milking and feeding the cows, too, require your constant attention?
Furthermore, are you one of those who want to rationalise the routine of feeding calves in individual pens or igloos?
Are you concerned that by feeding your calves a diet based on whole milk, you may expose them to pathogens in the milk?

Then you should consider the Milk Taxi because the Milk Taxi is that piece of equipment which gives you time to focus on the important things in the calf pens.

  • Easier and quicker calf feeding
  • Pasteurisation for a healthy milk diet
  • Reduced rearing cost
  • No trial and error!





Here's how it works:

  • The milk diet is mixed and warmed to drinking temperature.
  • The practical chassis enables easy milk transport to the calf pens.
  • The battery-powered pump ensures accurately dosed quantities in the buckets.
  • A pasteurisation unit is instrumental in providing a whole milk diet without any disease risk.
  • The numerous and varied options, such as warm water-fi red heater, milk churn support, and drenching equipment, meet all your needs.



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