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Around the world, housing calves in the natural climate outdoors is increasingly making friends. Natural-climate housing is tantamount to the maximum supply of fresh air. This is the only way in which a low bacteria load will express as a good state of health in the animals from the outset. Calves are able to easily adjust to changing climatic conditions. In America, this has been a practice for decades, with individual hutches. However, since it is very time-consuming to address the individual needs of every calf, farmers all over the world have been looking for a combination of healthy natural-climate housing and the efficiency of raising calves in groups. The result of this search is the H&L Igloo, for up to 15 calves.

  • Draught-free micro-climate for optimum protection of your calves
  • Lots of space for healthy and active calves
  • Work facilitated
  • Low cost of construction and maximum flexibility


It is about time to having fun raising healthy calves again. Offer yourself, your family, your employees a nice, new work environment. Just as much as your children like playing with the young calves, you will like being around the calf barn again, because you'll be happy about healthy calves.

  • The calves choose the place they want to be on their own: inside the Igloo and protected or enjoying the fresh air outdoors.
  • The exercise area is roofed, so the bedding will remain dry.
  • The many configuration options for the feed fence leave nothing to be desired.
  • The high mobility of the Igloo and the Veranda speed up mucking out.


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