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Vac-Pac Plus® International is the industry-leading vaccine stabilizing powder that provides you and your flocks with stronger, more reliable vaccine protection. By allowing you more apparent visual assurance of delivery, Vac-Pac Plus International helps you achieve better results and higher returns on your valuable vaccine investment.

Vac-Pac Plus International is superior to all other water-line delivered stabilizers as it greatly reduces the amount of time, energy, and extra supplies required to properly vaccinate your flocks – thus allowing you to more effectively and efficiently protect your birds.

  • Highly concentrated formula dissolves more quickly than effervescent tablets or animal-derived milk proteins.
  • Higher stabilizing power and solubility means quicker vaccine prep—no more of the 15-minute wait times of competing products. Our stabilizing action is immediate. The stabilized vaccine diluent is ready to receive the vaccine as soon as Vac-Pac Plus International has been stirred into the solution.
  • Advanced granulation technologies provide an intense blue color in solution without all the dust.
  • Convenient metric size and dosage for international markets.


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