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Understanding What Really Matters in Automatic Calf Feeding Systems

Recent scientific studies have demonstrated that by treating calves to an effective feeding programme as early as in the fi rst weeks of their life, considerably higher milk production can be expected (so-called metabolic programming).

Many small rations - their quantity, composition, and temperature matched with age, race, sex, and state of health of the respective calves - are the optimum preconditions to deploy the calves' genetic potential to their fullest extent.

However, every farmer is faced with the issue of how to put this into everyday practice, despite a busy work schedule. Luckily the practice is (virtually) as easy as the theory when assisted by automatic feeding systems.

  • Improved quality of life for yourself
  • Healthy calves reared in groups
  • Reduced costs, improved returns
  • Safety and reliability
Here's how it works:
  • The calf is identified electronically.
  • The milk diet is freshly prepared and pumped to the teat in a matter of seconds.
  • The tubing to the teat is rinsed after every visit, plus an automatic wash cycle is run twice a day.
  • An anti-pirate valve prevents others from stealing a calf's milk ration, so every single calf gets the quantity of milk it needs.
  • An added second mixer bowl allows simultaneous feeding of two calves.

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