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Low pressure nozzle system for greenhouses
• Lowers the temperature in greenhouses
• Reduces heat stress
• Reliable system: 3 year warranty on the fan
• Optimal distribution of the mist
• Flexible to adapt to local circumstances
• Low maintenance level
• Climate control at low cost
• Easy to install

The Multifan low pressure nozzle system for greenhouses can be easily integrated in existing climate control systems. A water pump creating a water pressure of 4-5 Bar is a relative low investment for a cooling system. Through a timer and/or a hygrostat/thermostat, the manager can influence the temperature and humidity in the house in a simple way. Actually, the Low Pressure Nozzle System has the unique feature that it can be used as a cooling system AND as a recirculation system to create an uniform distribution of the heat: really a “2 in 1” system!

During the design, an easy to install system was chosen. All the connections of the water line are easily fixed in a robust way. The complete water distribution set is integrated in the fan grill and therefore easy to mount. The recirculation fan is supplied with two suspension holes and is installed in a jiffy. Because of the low pressure system standard water distribution lines can be used for the water supply of the individual fans. The nozzle system will be delivered as a separate set, which contains:
- wire guard for 50 cm recirculation fan
- 8 nozzles with hoses
and can be easily mounted on the Multifan 50 cm Recirculation fan.






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